INX InFlight helps keep large, complex and remote workforces moving, with more than 80,000 workers safely mobilised to and from remote sites around the globe each week. It’s a massive operation that requires precise scheduling and centralised oversight, to ensure every worker gets where they need to be when they need to get there — and that they can be welcomed with the right amenities when they do. ​

Our INX IGNITION 2023 upgrade for INX InFlight will now make the process even easier, thanks to an integration with INX+Advanced Cleaning providing real-time support for your cleaning workforce in the field. ​

What will this do?

Our INX+Advanced Cleaning integration will give site managers complete visibility over room cleaning pipeline and allocations, maintenance requirements and evidence collection. ​

It also improves operational efficiency by allowing teams to prioritise room cleans and schedules based on specific site requirements. That means that if there’s a sudden change, you can seamlessly update the schedule and keep moving smoothly.​

The integration also keeps operational teams up to speed. The new integration means real-time updates of room availability are reflected directly into INX InFlight, and cleaning runs can be managed and automated using a web-based dashboard, for maximum efficiency.

What will the upgrade deliver? ​

  • Complete visibility over cleaning management processes via a web-based dashboard.
  • In-field app for cleaners with near real-time support for room cleaning allocation, instructions and evidence collection.
  • Automated cleaning staff shifts with pre-configured clean durations.
  • Real-time monitoring of cleaning progress and available clean rooms.​
  • Details of occupant’s shift status, roster and key returns are shown.
  • Mapping of site accommodation, including room and central cleaning facilities.
  • Ability to prioritise cleans and schedules based on site requirements.

When can you expect the changes?​

You can waitlist for the INX IGNITION 2023 upgrade now, with the integration rolled out from Monday 1st May. ​

Will the integration be available for new users?

Yes! If you haven’t already moved your team on to Australia’s best remote workforce logistics software, have a call with us today. INX InFlight is the software you need to make your remote workforce operations more resilient. Learn more about how to safely mobilise your workforce and manage complex roster, travel, accommodation and cleaning needs with INX InFlight. ​

Where can I find out more?

For additional technical details regarding the upgrade contact your Account Manager.

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