Keeping people safe at work is the most critical responsibility of any business, but it is also a challenge that requires working from a single source of truth. ​

All incident, injury, inspection and observation or audit events need to be captured centrally, so your teams can respond to, remediate and report any risk.​

INX InControl has long been the leading software package built with business, for businesses to reduce the burden of safety compliance. ​

But as COVID-19 demonstrated, understanding the live risk profile is only part of the challenge. ​

Equally important is the preventative role played by having live oversight of the people moving on and off your work locations, from visitors to staff to contractors, so you can pre-empt and minimise risk. ​

Whether it is gating access to those who have completed specific inductions to ensuring only qualified personnel can access certain areas, managing the movement and personnel on your property is an important step in reducing risk. ​

Now, thanks to our INX IGNITION MAY 2023 update, we are bringing together the central source of truth that is INX InControl with the exceptional visibility and oversight of your workforce with INX Sitepass, our flagship worksite management product, used by major companies, hospitals, universities, institutions and more.​

The new integration brings together two powerful tools that can help you keep your people safe, reduce regulatory risk and increase compliance. ​

What will the INX InControl update do?

Besides a number of fixes, user experience enhancements and other updates, INX InControl can now be integrated with INX Sitepass to combine the power of INX InControl’s central safety register and INX Sitepass’ valuable worksite management functionality. ​

What will the upgrade deliver?

A smoother experience for companies seeking to protect your people by capturing all safety-related data and activities. ​

When can you expect the changes?​

Secure your spot on the list for the INX IGNITION MAY 2023 upgrade now.  ​

Will the integration be available for new users?

Yes! If you haven’t already adopted INX InControl to provide a central source of truth for your safety-related data and activities, talk to us about how INX InControl and INX Sitepass can together help you protect your people and access to premises. ​

Where can I find out more?

For additional technical details regarding the upgrade contact your Account Manager.


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