Regulated sectors require exact compliance, and as the range of obligations grows, so does the need for clarity, visibility and clear workflows for teams.

INX InForm has been co-designed with industry to deliver intelligent, intuitive software that centralises the way companies manage their regulatory risk, from their obligation to meet environmental conditions to tenement management and financial commitments.​

Feedback from our users has shown that for operations with a long list of obligations — and sometimes templated tasks — it can be frustrating to have to perform the same action again and again. ​

Our INX IGNITION 2023 update for INX InForm addresses this challenge, by allowing more efficient allocation of tasks, better oversight of who is using the platform, and a better reporting experience. It helps your compliance teams save time and effort for greater effect. ​

What will the INX InForm 6.3.0 update do? ​

Our latest update allows INX InForm 6.3.0 users to manage responsibilities and verifications more efficiently, with:​

  • Bulk assignment of responsibilities and tasks​.
  • The ability to clone tasks and task templates​.
  • Create new and improved reports​.
  • Expand the dashboard, with new widgets allowing users to manage records and identify inactive users.

What will the upgrade deliver?

Fixes and enhancements designed to help companies manage, track, meet and measure their regulatory obligations, conditions and commitments more efficiently. ​

When can you expect the changes?​

You can waitlist for the INX IGNITION 2023 upgrade now, with the integration rolled out from Monday 1st May. ​

Will the integration be available for new users?

Yes! If you haven’t already adopted INX InForm to manage your regulatory obligations, conditions and commitments, talk to us about how you can improve your organisational compliance, save time and reduce your regulatory risk. ​

Where can I find out more?

For additional technical details regarding the upgrade contact your account manager.

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