Jaimie Godden, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

When we recently unveiled the rebrand for INX Software, a lot of attention was captured by our new product logos and refreshed look.  

But I want to highlight the most important element — the renewed purpose that sits at the heart of INX Software.  

We are here to help our clients protect their people and the planet, and that mission is supported by five key drivers that help explain why we do what we do.  

First and foremost, we understand the importance of providing reliable, efficient software to large and complex operations.  

For the sectors that comprise our core market, good data and technology is utterly critical, and helping clients address this need is a prime motivator, inspiring us to deliver robust solutions for risk, compliance, workforce management, training and reporting needs of high-risk, complex and remote businesses. 

Our second driver is the task of addressing the range of monitoring, planning, tracking and reporting challenges that our clients encounter daily. We aim to create software that takes the heavy lifting off their shoulders, letting them concentrate on building their businesses, not the logistics that underpin operations. 

Thirdly, we recognise the growing landscape of compliance and regulatory demands, including ESG reporting. This has driven us to engineer solutions that simplify the compliance and reporting process.  

All of our software is designed to help clients navigate obligations with ease, enhancing safety and sustainability initiatives along the way. 

Fourth, our deep-seated domain knowledge in sectors such as resources, oil & gas, health, and government guides our approach. We have more than 20 years with these sectors, which means we can tailor our offerings to address their unique requirements, providing them with tools that reflect their needs for data privacy and management. 

Lastly, our commitment to nurturing long-term client relationships forms the core of our rebranded identity.  

We believe in sustainable growth that’s mutually beneficial, dismissing the ‘earn, burn, and churn’ approach that’s unfortunately common in the tech landscape. 

Our recent rebrand represents these five drivers, each one integral to our renewed mission. It’s more than a fresh coat of paint; it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to serving our clients and helping them continue to protect their people and our planet. 

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