Consider how many times you toggle between websites and applications at work. The cost of a switch is over two seconds and users switch on average about 1,200 times daily. Now consider the amount of additional time required to update the same information across several business systems. ​

Having an all-in-one solution for business-critical tasks will save you time and improve productivity, especially one that offers a powerful integration centralises the management of your workforce and ensures information is consistent with other business systems. ​

In INX IGNITION 2023, our INX Sitepass integration with INX InFlight and INX InControl provides just that. Improve your workforce safety and logistics capabilities by integrating the profiles of your connected contractors, staff and visitors, with new profiles and updates appearing in the INX platform in real-time.  ​

What will the INX Sitepass 2.8.0 update do?

You can: ​

  • Enable staff, contractors and visitors to self-register in INX Sitepass​
  • Create, update, deactivate or activate INX Sitepass user profiles in INX InControl and INX InFlight​
  • Manage travel, roster or accommodation requirements for INX Sitepass users with INX InFlight​
  • Manage health and safety events, risks, incidents and hazards for INX Sitepass users with INX InControl​
  • Consistent data and visibility across these business systems​

What will the upgrade deliver? ​

A seamless experience to create and update INX Sitepass user profiles in INX InControl and INX InFlight.

When can you expect the changes?​

You can waitlist for the INX IGNITION 2023 upgrade now.

Will the integration be available for new users?

Yes! If you haven’t already adopted INX Sitepass to centralise and simplify your workforce compliance and safety, talk to us about how today.

Where can I find out more?

For additional technical details regarding the upgrade contact your account manager.

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