The growing focus on sustainability, coupled with increasingly complex environmental regulations, has elevated the need to prioritise environmental performance and demonstrate responsible stewardship.

Organisations need innovative solutions to help navigate the complexities of compliance and sustainability. They require a comprehensive understanding of their environmental obligations, the ability to effectively monitor and track their performance, and the means to make informed decisions.

Get game-changing clarity on environmental performance to protect your company’s reputation and the planet, with INX Preserve.

INX Preserve empowers organisations to proactively monitor, track, and predict their environmental impact. It provides a transformative approach that combines expert knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and streamlined processes to help companies achieve their compliance and sustainability goals.

With INX Preserve, organisations gain access to predefined out-of-the-box data, including parameters, units of measure, and standards. This streamlines the onboarding experience and promotes consistency and accuracy in environmental monitoring data.

The software also facilitates the creation of monitoring programs that define license conditions and enables tracking against regulatory schedules and limits. This modular approach simplifies the complex task of compliance management, allowing new users, environmental advisors, contractors, and managers to have a complete understanding of their obligations.

The latest version of INX Preserve brings you many more features to ensure you have access to secure, comprehensive, and accurate information from the outset, simplifying compliance efforts and demonstrating evidence of your environmental efforts.

What will the INX Preserve update do?

INX Preserve will introduce exciting new features:

  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance
  • Automatic laboratory data ingestion
  • Email and in-app notifications and alerts
  • Calculated parameters
  • Warning and exceedance limits for non-numeric parameters
  • Flora and fauna monitoring
  • Changelog (release notes) visible inside INX Preserve

Plus, many other improvements as recommended by our valued clients, partners, and subject matter experts.

What will the upgrade deliver?

  • Strong security practices and controls to protect your data
  • Ensuring you are fully informed and empowered to take proactive measures by promptly investigating and addressing warning and exceedance alerts
  • Unlocks insights and patterns to empower environmental advisors to review data and implement mitigation plans

Where can I find out more?

For additional technical details regarding INX Preserve please contact your Account Manager or email


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