INX Software has appointed a new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer to oversee its global growth strategy

The Perth-based software company has appointed Jaimie Godden as its new Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, to drive the company’s marketing and sales expansion. Ms Godden, who has two decades in global business development, marketing, and strategic brand experience, was most recently Global Head of Marketing for a top 10 international accounting and advisory network, where she led the brand and people strategy for the 34,000-strong organisation.

Chief Executive Marcus Ashby said the company’s ambitious growth plans, as supported by its major shareholder in Tanarra Capital, necessitated growing INX Software’s global capability across the Executive team.

“We are delighted to have appointed Jaimie Godden to drive our marketing and sales expansion, with a focus on expanding our sector and geographic footprint”, Mr Ashby said.

“INX Software’s growth in recent years has been fuelled by increased demands for environmental, health, safety and risk management software solutions across complex operations. That demand is only going to continue to grow. The Australian business community continues to lead the way in using technology for running, managing, coordinating and de-risking complex business operations, and INX Software continues to support its clients with its workforce management software-as-a-service solutions to do so. Jaimie joins us at the right moment to build on our brand and vision for the business to position us for sustained expansion in both sales and operations.”

INX Software has seen a 30 per cent growth in licensed users in the past 12 months, with more than a million users of its key product solutions and has recorded an 80 per cent increase in its research and development investment. Ms Godden said she was excited by the growth trajectory of the Company and the opportunity to use advanced software solutions to keep people safe, minimise risk in their day-to-day work and create value for key stakeholders.

“This is a Company that has a clear focus on what it does best: enabling organisations to protect people, become custodians of the planet and be responsible global citizens. We do this through deeply aware, intelligent software that is world-class — using talent and expertise honed on some of the biggest and most complex operational projects on the planet. For me, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity to help support and shape the response of organisations and their teams to the risks that they face each day.”

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