Being a part of Australia’s largest and most influential mining event was reason enough to get our team excited. But better still, attending the International Mining & Resources Conference (IMARC) in Sydney from 2-4 November gave us a momentous opportunity to launch our new brand in front of an international audience. 

Joining close to 8,000 delegates from more than 110 countries, our booth at the ICC Sydney proudly showcased our new look and sparked an array of conversations with key industry players.

“From a strategic standpoint, taking our new brand to IMARC was an incredible opportunity,” says our Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Jaimie Godden 

“In an atmosphere of innovation and forward-thinking, the new brand placed us in the unique and privileged position of communicating how we have evolved as an organisation, while also reaffirming our purpose to protect people and the planet.”

This comes at a time of rapid growth for the business as we go to market with a more contemporary brand that reflects our position as a scalable, global SaaS provider. The event also provided our team with a large-scale platform to showcase exciting developments in the INX product suite.  

“IMARC was a great opportunity to unveil the evolved INX brand as well as demonstrate the dynamic capabilities of our new environmental management product, INX Preserve,” says our Chief Executive Officer, Marcus Ashby. 

Having these powerful developments at the forefront of the event generated insightful discussions and feedback. “The reaction from customers and partners was overwhelming,” shares Marcus. “As we embrace both our evolution and legacy, we look forward to working with many new customers and international partners to deliver on our portfolio mission of protecting people and the planet.” 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Matt Faries, also had a moment in the spotlight as a conference speaker on the first day. Matt spoke about how identity context will drive a role-based future for the mining workforce. Crucially, data will be the key to ensuring greater employee safety while improving the user experience. 

“The question of employee user experience was something that stuck out to me from IMARC,” says Matt. “Traditionally, big enterprise applications have treated the user experience almost as an afterthought. But it was front and centre at the conference.” 

Hearing from other creators and innovators in the industry was another highlight for Matt and the team. “We had many people come up to us and share what products they were building. There was a real sense of collaboration and how different organisations might work together to generate industry solutions.” 

As a major showcase and learning exercise, we look forward to sharing conference insights across the business to better understand how our intelligent software can meet a range of challenges in the mining industry. 

“It’s an exciting time for INX,” says Marcus, “and I feel privileged to work with such a strong team of talented professionals.” 


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