June 8, 2017

What’s new in Version 5 of INX InHealth

As part of the INX Version 5 project, the Compliance Stream has developed and released Version 5 for INX InViron, INX InForm, INX InNovate and INX InHealth. This release is available to trial so please get in touch if you would like access.
Version 5 of INX InHealth not only included a major overhaul to the user interface but also a whole new suite of functionality within the occupational hygiene management space. The project started in December 2016 and involved several clients and industry experts assisting with the design. By the end of the project, we had 14 different companies contributing to the project. The new version of INX InHealth provides the following features:
Exposure Groups
  • Ability to profile your workforce into groups of employees based on common occupations and activities
  • Identify key health hazards and exposures that each of these groups face
  • Capture roster information of employees to help automate exposure calculations (this will be automatically collected from the roster section of INX InFlight for those customers using it)
  • Measure the risk of each exposure per group using a configurable risk matrix
  • Upload any number of contaminant fields or select from a standard set provided by INX
  • Establish sampling quotas per exposure group and track the completion against each
  • Create a schedule of samples with people and/or groups predefined
Hygiene Sampling
  • Static people information will be automatically inserted within a sample i.e. days on, off, shit hours, occupation
  • Build a custom sampling sheet to contain a variety of contaminant, instrument, controls and any other field required to complete a sample
  • Automatically flags exceedances per samples and exposure group without manual calculations
  • Automated exposure adjustment calculations for clients not working a standard working week
  • Upload or reference documentation against sampling activity and exposure groups
  • New standard reports including Employee Sampling Letters, Data Statistics and IHSAT report
Within the Compliance team, we have always maintained close relationships with our user base, with our INX InForm and INX InViron products receiving significant input from clients with regards to product design, priorities and timelines. This same approach has been, and will continue to be, utilised for INX InHealth to ensure that we are providing our users with an easy to use and powerful solution that will simplify daily tasks and ensure greater compliance.

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