July 19, 2017

5 Years from Now – Digital Customers’ Role in Logistics and Freight Management

As trucking has stayed ahead of the game in the logistics sphere, the future of the industry is sure to see some shifts; not only as technologies advance the way we transport goods, but also enhance the consumer experience.
In particular the freight customer service space.
This aspect of logistics is put under the microscope to see how technology proliferation will impact the shipper-forwarder relationship in the near future. With the digitalisation of freight and the evolving consumer behaviours, 75% of forwarders (which are transshipping services) predicted that the industry will be running like a personal banking structure in five years time; adopting higher automation rates to allow consumers to interact more easily with freight and logistics services.
Today organisations have shifted their operational focus on the consumer and catering to their needs. With the emerging technologies, it is becoming easier to implement changes to how consumers interact with freight providers and the logistics industry overall. Yet it’s interesting to note these shifts in the logistics industry, which relies on physical cargo, parcels, and other goods, and its growing scale; especially when considering the fact that over the last two decades has been primarily dominated on the emergence of the digital era.
Yet this means that the increased rate of cargo, consumer goods, and other freight needs to be somehow managed. Staying on trend with the technological reliance and offerings for greater innovation, logistics solutions such as the INX Logistics Solution package is making it easier for large companies to manage their logistics and workforce simultaneously. By improving productivity and reducing costs by centralising the management of travel and logistics in the one database, provides the ability to manage larger operations and workforces as they become more complex.
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