August 23, 2017

Drive better Stakeholder Engagement and know your Quality Assurance Standard

Standards for Success
Ensuring you know who your stakeholders are vital to operating your business successfully. Knowing how to effectively engage them is just as important, to make sure all parties involved are on the same page and understand what the goals are.
Adopting structures and standards for your stakeholder engagement helps to outline what you may need to consider when it comes to effectively managing your stakeholders and their expectations. Having a structured approach in place helps you to establish a strong foundation to base your operations on, and ensures you are compliant.
Staying on Trend
ThisQuality Assurance Standard for Community and Stakeholder Engagement has been designed to respond to market requirements for evidence that effective community and stakeholder engagement has been delivered; keeping up with market demands this is key when you want to stay on-trend and ahead of the others.
This report highlights its development and adoption by professionals working with communities, stakeholders, and other affected groups/individuals, and provides confidence for both practitioners and clients.
Inside the Report
Some of the topics this report describes include the code of ethics of the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2), their core values, participation spectrum, Australasian Community Engagement Model, as well as the IAP2 Quality Assurance Standard Process steps guide. These include:
  • Problem definition
  • Agreement of Purpose/Context and Identification of Negotiables and Non-negotiables
  • Level of participation
  • Stakeholder identification and relationship development
  • Project requirements
  • Development and approval of engagement plan
  • Execution of engagement plan
  • Feedback
  • Evaluation
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation of evidence
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