August 30, 2017

Top 3 Tech Support Tips and Tricks – August 2017

Our solution and product experts, and support team have put together their August Top 3 Tips and Tricks. This month we’ve answered the frequently asked questions for the most popular solutions.
Q: How do I turn on the Display Action Attachments in Action Editor?
A: Action Attachments can be configured in the Event Type through the Administration by select the Event Type name and navigating to the Auction Details Tab. Select the edit icon next to the Display Action Attachments Display = Yes. You are also able to make this fields mandatory here; Administration > Event Type > Auction Details Tab.
Q: How do I configure Custom Fields on a Personal Profile?
A: Navigate to the Custom Fields (INX InControl – Person Custom Fields) through the Administration. You are able to add in additional fields here by entering the Name, Label, Field Type, Mandatory, New Only and Active Fields, then click the green tick to save. You are able to configure the custom field to mandatory as well; Administration > Custom Fields (INX InControl – Administration > Person Custom Fields).
Q: Why am I unable to select a Personal Profile when it is greyed out?
A: This is due to the Workgroup currently assigned to the person is inactive. When you search the person on the Add New Person page the current workgroup will display. You will need to navigate to the Workgroup Details page through Administration and search for the workgroup the person is assigned to. You will then need to make that workgroup active and save. You are now able to access the profile and assign them to a new workgroup. Once they have been reassigned you can make the old workgroup inactive again; Administration > Workgroup Details.

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