November 3, 2017

In Mining? Are you aware of the Mining Proposal change?

What is the Mining proposal?
The mining proposal is a document prepared by the proponent or tenement holder, containing detailed information on identification, evaluation and management of significant environmental impacts relevant to the proposed mining operations. It must be prepared in accordance with the Guideline for Mining Proposals in Western Australia, which has undergone a revision.
What is the change?
The new ‘Guideline for Mining Proposals in Western Australia’ was released in April 2016. It implements the new risk and outcome-based framework. The Guideline also makes the transition to the ‘One Mining Proposal’ model where each mine site has only one mining proposal that is updated over time as required.
Does this affect me?
Since 1 January 2017, all new mining operations must submit a mining proposal in accordance with the 2016 Guideline.
Where can I get it?
Download the proposal from our website >

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