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Send email notifications within the API integration and new fixes

V 5.16.2

Use large data sets in Rooms Required, extension of activity search filter in Group Maintenance and new fixes

V 5.16.2

New improvements and fixes

V 6.3.36

Assign personalised workflows to contractors, team members and visitors

V 2.9.0

Create, disable or revoke public API keys, confirmation pop-up and prompt for assessment rejection, new improvements and fixes

V 2.10.0

Warning messages added to workflows and fixes

V 5.16

Notification when pre-requisites Competencies and Compliances are not met, Roles summary shows appointments for active INX profiles and fixes

V 5.16

New integration with INX Sitepass and fixes

V 5.16

New integration with INX Sitepass and INX+Advanced Cleaning, introducing INX InFlight Mobile 2.0, new improvements and fixes

V 5.16

Bulk assign tasks and obligations, and streamline access and visibility

V 6.3.0

Introducing INX IGNITION

V 1.0.0

Integration with INX InControl and INX InFlight, report updates and our new brand identity

V 2.8.0

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